2 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi


IPC Telekom is one of the leading firms that have been offering services since the corporatization of the sector.
National and international markets that have tug of war, insufficient classical work habits in the harsh rat race, unaffordable communication expenditures, uncontrollable expenditures, hardships of reaching the customer, developing technology in dizzying speed, poor marketing strategies, meticulous customers, inevitable operational blindness, ineffectual internal auditing efforts, personnel who should always be trained and controlled, document request of public, changing managerial concept, ineffectual business process, etc. are overshadowing the charm of national and international markets, shackling and narrowing down you.
IPC Telecom meets all the oral communication requirements with its fixed telecom service license (FTS), strong substructure, quality technical service, solution oriented Call Centre.
In brief; IPC reunite you with your beloved and business partners in quick and uninterrupted communication ways with 70% discount within the frame of labour contract signed with world’s leading telecommunication firms.

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